Perth Knife Show 2020

Oh yes, we are on again.

Set in the beautiful Esplanade Hotel of Fremantle we now have a top-class venue that will give us room to expand into the future. Fremantle is a fabulous town and the Esplanade offers great accommodation if you want to make a weekend of it.

Do you make knives? If you were one of the makers that were a bit shy on booking a table for 2019 then I would encourage you to gather your courage and book a table for 2020. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that your folders are not the same as Bruce Barnett’s or you don’t have the god-like etching skills of Jake Rhodes. Believe in yourself and take that first step. We all started from somewhere.

Do you collect knives or use them? This will be a great opportunity to purchase that collectors piece from Mark Sinclair, or a great user from Bruce Schubert, or even a kitchen knife from me. There will also be a great selection of top-class production knives there too.

Every knife starts somewhere.

Ever thought of making a knife? Gameco will have a great selection of steel, toys and tools to start you on your knifemaking journey. With your steel in hand you will then be able to enjoy great advice from all the best makers in the country.

Let’s get grinding WA and make 2020 even better.

For more information look up the Knife Art Association

Damascus in process.


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