Perth Knife Show 2020

Thank you WA.

The 2019 Perth Knife show was a long time coming but thanks to the support of the Knife Art Association, the dream was made a reality.

Thanks to all the makers who had the self belief to back themselves and get a table for the show. The standard of your work is an inspiration to the whole state. One show patron even remarked – “I never knew knifemaking was such an artistic pursuit.”

Thanks most of all to the people of WA who came in their droves all the way from Broome in the north to Esperance in the south. Some left with a stunning new knife for the kitchen, some left with a bar of steel with a new knife hiding in it, and many left with a sense of inspiration to get back to their sheds and start making the next best knife in WA.

So if you were one of those new makers who were a bit shy on getting a table for 2019, make the  2020 Perth Knife Show a goal for yourself.

Let’s get grinding WA and make 2020 even better.

For more information look up the Knife Art Association

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