Handmade Knives


Yes, I make knives.

A good knife in the kitchen is a valuable tool that will see plenty of use.

A really good, handmade knife is a valuable tool, an inspiration to the user and an object of desire to anyone who walks into your kitchen.

A bad knife is an annoyance at best and a danger to the user at worst. Don’t know what I mean? Next time you are in a shop that sells kitchen gear, pick up what looks like a good chef’s knife and look down the back of the blade. Is it even straight? Do you get any other choice of handle material other than black plastic? Is the manufacture even telling you what steel they are using? Wishing for something better?

I mostly make kitchen knives that I would want to use. I mostly use steels like CPM154 and RWL34 which are of a beautiful quality and can be brought to a mirror finish. I sometimes use Sandvik 12C27 and D2. For forging I tend to use 1095 carbon steel. I can pattern weld to make ‘damascus’, but it takes ages.

For handle materials I mostly use wood that I collect locally and stabilise myself. I’m a bit fond of using under represented woods that usually end up in the Council verge pickup (my other Christmas).

I also make lock back folders too. They are just really handy and can make really awesome gifts too.IZZY5964



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